Why the most critical decision regarding your health, family and financial well being may be as easy as short selling your home. If you are struggling to make your mortgage payments you owe it to yourself to read through our free report and me a call for a no obligation consultation regarding you situation.

We have helped many homeowners Short Sale their homes in the greater Portland Area, Short Selling your home is an excellent way to save yourself from foreclosure and years of financial ruin. The real estate market is heating up and those looking to escape a bad mortgage can take advantage of the huge shortage in housing on the market. If your home value is between $300,000 and $800,000 you are in the apex of this shortage, giving you a further advantage. 

When it comes to selling a distressed property, not all agents are the same! While some have sold hundreds of bank owned and short sell properties, others frankly have no idea how to do it. Select agents have been trained and as CDPE certified agents (Certified Distressed Property Expert). The process is technical and the agent you choose could decide the difference between escaping your bad mortgage and suffering through foreclosure. When issues arise you need an experienced agent to navigate the negotiation process which usually involves three to five different parties with interest in the sale. No one wants to leave their financial situation to chance, thats why I always recommend using a CDPE certified agent with plenty of experience to short sell your property.

At Sold in Oregon, Keller Williams Realty we offer a no obligation consultation for homeowners facing foreclosure and looking for options. Everyone deserves access to honest information about their options and that is what we provide. If you are shopping for houses don't let short sales scare you off, when you purchase a home through short sale you are helping a member of your community avoid foreclosure. If you like many Americans have been silently struggling to pay your mortgage and need options, don't wait another day to contact a certified consultant. You can receive free information by visitingAvoidForeclosureinOregon.com In the Portland area you can contact us here at Sold in Oregon, Keller Williams Realty 503-925-1100 short sale is not for everyone but it may be the perfect solution for your situation.  

John Velez

Principal Broker, Sold in Oregon LLC