1.) Getting Buried in Paperwork-Buying a home is a long and complicated process, with most deals filled with countless addendums and modifications. Carefully look through all legal documents before signing them, even if they're long! Better yet have someone look over them with you.

2.) Not Thinking About Resale-It may be difficult to think about selling a home you're considering making an offer on, but it is one of the most important things to consider before buying. List any negatives about the home you're looking at and decide how many future buyers these negatives could drive away. Remember, the more people that are interested in your home, the better offer you can expect.

3.) Using a Lender With Suspiciously Low Rates-Many people get excited when they're looking to get pre-approved for a mortgage and they find a lender that offers rates far below their competition. The problem with many of these firms is that they can be filled with stipulations in their contracts that can end up costing way more than other well-established lenders. Shopping around for the best rate is important, but make sure that you're dealing with the right people.

4.) Consider the Other Costs of Buying-While the listed price of a home is a substantial investment, its important to take into consideration the other costs that go into own a home. Property taxes, Home Owner Association fees, and maintenance all need to be taken into consideration. 

5.) Not Doing Your Research-It's imperative to be a well-informed buyer before making any financial decisions. Research the area, schools, transportation options and anything else that you think will be important making your choice of home. Odds are you will be living at your new home for at least five years, so make sure it will have anything you need during that time.

As you can see, having as much information as possible regarding your potential purchase will making your home-buying experience easier, more pleasant, and less stressful. We at Sold in Oregon work every day to make sure our clients have everything they need to feel confident in their real estate decisions. If you'd like any advice, guidance or help, we're only a call or a click away at: